Carla Vazquez
Founder & Creative Director

Making Dreams Come True

Carla Vazquez grew up in La Piedad,  Michoacan and as a little girl, she was fascinated by cooking and wedding design shows.  Carla began to fall in love with cooking and the kitchen at a young age by watching her grandmother prepare flour tortillas and Carla asked herself how such simple ingredients could create such elaborate and delicious dishes. Her mother later taught her a treasure trove of recipes, secrets and began to share a love of cooking by observing how much love she put into all of her dishes.

After so much exposure to traditional culinary secrets, Carla decided to pursue a high cuisine degree in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico.  Upon finishing the high cuisine program, she began to work on event planning techniques in her hometown to combine the two elements in a synergistic marriage of event planning and cuisine.

One of the most influential people in her career was a university classmate whose mom owned an event planning business. Watching her friend's mom make magic for people when they needed to make an event special was a major turning point for Carla.  Those observations and influencers set her on a trajectory that has marked most of her professional career to this day.

Turning a Vision into Reality

After a few years, Carla immigrated to the United States and worked in the restaurant industry to further polish her understanding of the ins and outs of the culinary industry. After some time, Carla decided to broaden her opportunities and open her own event planning and catering business. She earned a Certificate in Wedding Design at the Institute of Wedding and event design, which is another passion of her.

Upon arriving in the US Carla began to gather and research information on the best possible ways to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to planning a party and generating a feeling of comfort, fun, excitement, and satisfaction when a guest throws an event or is invited to one.

Carla learned that arranging an event is not just serving food or drinks, or even having music so your guests can dance. It is so much more. It is about having guests feel comfortable, happy, cared for and like they are at the most unique event possible, while the host feels worry-free, accomplished and relaxed that all guests are enjoying themselves. That is her ultimate goal in her work and what Carla labors tirelessly to achieve and that is why she has opened Gael & Zoe Events.

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

When Carla sits with a client for a consultation, it is important for her to understand their ideas and get into their mindset with regard to what they want out of an event.  The consultations are unique, allowing her clients to feel as if they are talking to a friend that shares in their ideas and inspirations as well as expectations.  Carla has worked with various clients, some who somewhat know what they want, some who know exactly what they want and others who have no idea. Yet, she always tries to guide, assist or inspire colors, textures, themes or symbols.  Carla can be as conservative or as free to experiment with new ideas as the client wants. It is all up to them.